Chrono 39 Porto Cervo

Waldor & Co. are excited to finally introduce their latest release, Chrono 39 Porto Cervo. This watch features a Rhodium-plated 316L Stainless Steel, a Hybrid Chronograph Movement and a Sunray dial in Brass it makes the perfect statement piece.⁠

The Chrono 39 Porto Cervo was inspired by the place Porto Cervo, it is definitely the perfect piece for you who wants a bold statement look. 

- The Chrono 39 Porto Cervo is the perfect watch that makes the perfect chronograph for your everyday look and especially for the more dressier occasions. - Johan Christensson, founder of Waldor & Co. 

This unique design is a tribute to the classical and timeless watch in a modern adaptation. You can get it now at 

Chrono 39 Porto Cervo , 39 mm i diameter, $299